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The Duel SoraxRiku/AxelxRoxas Community
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What is Sorrik_Axerox?

Sorrik_Axerox is a community dedicated to the pairings SoraxRiku and AxelxRoxas. Fanfiction, images, fanart, doujinshi, rants, raves, and the like, are all welcome. We're a comm for the fandom, by the fans.

Yes, there are rules, but only a few, so don't worry.

1 Stay remotely on topic of the post you're commenting on. Posts can relatively be anything you want
2 Fanfictions, Fanart, links to cute sites, or just good sites in gerneral, are allowed along with most things related to KH, KH2, or KH:COM
3 Please put all fanfictions or fanart under a livejournal cut. If you don't know how to use one, or know what they are, ask one of the mods, and I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you
4 If you're posting something above a T rating, please place a warning before the cut, just in case of virgin eyes
5 No hotlinking here, or from here, you wouldn't want people to eat your bandwidth
6 Be polite, and no trash talking, insulting, or flaming (constrictive critisim is a different thing)

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If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please comment at this post here, we'd be more than willing to team up with you x3

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